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Writer Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributor for Frankly Health. We’re glad that you’re looking to join our network.

At Frankly Health, we aim to be a leading source of informed, entertaining, and most importantly, educational health and medical information. By sharing your knowledge and inspiration, you can help inform our readers and improve their lives.


What makes a good Frankly Health article:

  1. Original content – we’re looking for great original content that can help or inspire our readers, which means no interviews or quote-heavy articles. Articles have to be well-researched and at least 2000 words in length.
  2. Writing style – when it comes to writing style, we want the content to be info-rich but easy to read. It’s great to be detailed but don’t bog readers down with too much technical information. Think informative yet casual.
  3. Subject – if you’re looking for a subject to write about, have a look at our current categories and articles to get inspiration, but also be sure to pick an angle that has not been covered yet.  
  4. Examples – when sharing your expertise, it’s always useful to share examples to further explain your point and offer more perspective. Just stating generic information will not get users to read (and appreciate) your content.
  5. Linking – please link to at least 2 other Frankly Health articles and one external site.


What should not be included in an article:

  1. Content that is overly promotional – articles on our site are there to inform readers but also to boost your credibility. Submitted content is not meant to promote other people, brands, products or services.
  2. Paid mentions and / or links – none of our editorial content should feature any product or service coverage in exchange for any form of compensation. If any content is found to feature these types of links, the content will be removed.
  3. Plagiarised / previously published content – this is a website for 100% new and original content, we do not accept plagiarised articles or previously published content that has been altered to appear original.
  4. Unattributed information and / or quotes – If you’re including any quotes or information from other sources, you need to correctly attribute and link back to it.
  5. Images – we can only use images that we have the rights to, we’ll take care of this step


Our editing process:

  1. Wait time – with all the submissions we receive, the average waiting time to be published is 2 to 4 weeks
  2. Number of posts – we suggest that each of our contributors submit up to 2 articles per month to keep the quality high, but if you want to provide more please feel free to do so.
  3. Communication – in some instances our editors will make contact to provide feedback to your submitted content, and help you improve as a writer.
  4. Rejections – at Frankly Health, we reserve the right to not only edit any submitted content, but to reject if for any of the reasons mentioned above, or if it’s offensive or not editorially sound.


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